Live coverage obstructed by security member


INews cadres were denied from conducting a live coverage about the status quo of Iraqi streets amid quarantine by a member of the security forces in Eden Square in the middle of Baghdad

Ibrahim Al-Mahmoud, INews correspondent told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that a member of security forces surged the site of the live coverage of the curfew that was imposed by the crises cell in the middle of Baghdad. He obstructed the work and ordered them to clear the ground

Al-Mahmoud added that the security forces inspected the chief in command’s permit , IDs and vehicle’s papers once they have reached the shooting spot; the said member insisted that he be informed personally of the command’s approval

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq is awed by the individual actions of the security forces against journalists in spite of excluding them from the curfew and the insistence on obstructing press functionality in the country

The association demands that security forces refrain from their repetitive aggressions against the members of the press family and show understanding towards their vital role in educating the society to adhere to the decisions of the crisis cell in times of Corona virus pandemic

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