Sumer University Denies Media Coverage


The president of Sumer University in Dhi Qar, Dr. Adel Al-Zarkani, revealed that the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research has issued directives banning the media from entering university campuses for any reason, except for Iraqia and the official media channels of the ministry

In justifying the process of preventing the media from entering the university to cover a seminar held by the popular mobilization body at the university, Zarkani said that the university banned the media because of its adherence to the regulations and directives issued by the higher authorities, which limited the media coverage to the university and Iraqi channels and university media offices

Accordingly; prevented reporters from entering Sumer University in Al-Rifai district for unknown reasons

The Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq considers the regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education a clear constitutional violation, and that it totally ignored Article number 38 of the Constitution, which guaranteed the freedom of press and media work in all its forms

The association strictly rejects any government measures that hinder the work of journalists, and calls on the Minister to reconsider his decision and to stop all forms of media bans that direct denying media entrance to university campuses for coverage

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