Nas correspondent attacked during Najaf protests


Zaid al-Salami, a reporter for Nas news agency, suffered a severe suffocation on Monday as he was covering the protests in Najaf province

Al-Salami told the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that he was near the provincial building to convey the ongoingevents, and suffered a severe suffocation, preventing him from completing the coverage, as security forces used tear gas to disperse the protesters

He said that the security forces used iron balls and tear gas to end the demonstrations, injuring him and several others

While the Association wishes the safety forfellow journalist Zaid al-Salami, it considers the incident a clear violation and obstruction of journalistic work on duty

The association rejects the continued security forces targeting the whereabouts of journalists, and calls on Minister of Interiorto direct the agencies that work under his command to stop using violence, and calls on journalists to observe their personal safety while performing their journalistic duties

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