INews correspondent attacked bySecurity


Fuad AlHilfy, INews correspondent in Basra, was severely beaten by the hospital security guards in Basra. The incident took place yesterday, Friday.

Alhilfy told Press Freedom Advocacy Association that he was on duty in the hospital to cover the status quo of the inpatients lying in the hospital. The hospital was recorded for the incompetency of its staff and their repetitive absence.  He was taken by surprise as members of the security forces who are guarding the building approached him and severely attacked him ; he was beaten and obstructed from coverage. A member directed a tribal threat against him if he ever comes back again after he was demanded to leave at once.

Alhilfy reported that the hospital intends to file a lawsuit against him after he filmed the emergency section during night time that was totally lacking medical staff.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq denies the incident and considers it a dire violation of the principles of .The Association demands

That the security forces command in Basra opens an investigation and hold the aggressors accountable and direct all its members that their duty is to protect all journalists not to attack them.

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