NRT Denied Coverage in Erbil Bank


The Director of Shirin Bank in Erbil prevented a reporter and photographer of NRT channel from covering the receipt of the financial dues by retirees according to the Regional martyrs’ law, Thursday.

Murad Surji, a correspondent for the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq, said he was on a special coverage along with his colleague Ahmed Mohammed to Shirin Bank in Erbil, when the bank’s director and security officer prevented them from covering the receipt of pensioners who were gathered in front of the bank to receive their financial entitlements under the law of families of the martyrs, pointing out that the director asked the staff to leave the site immediately without further clarification.

The Press Freedom Advocacy Association condemns the ban on colleagues from performing their duties, and considers it a violation of the freedom of press and media work in the Kurdistan region.

The Association also holds the authorities in the region responsible for violations against journalists on an almost daily basis by influential governmental or private agencies, and demands reconsidering their obligations by abiding to the constitutional stipulations.

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