Sadrists Shut Down Furat Channel in Basra


Sadri protestors closed down the Furat Channel Office in Basra on Friday evening.

The Press Freedom Advocacy Association had learnt that the Sadrists closed the channel’s office on the background of the statements that were released by the Head of AlHikma bloc “Ammar AlHakim” considering them provocative.

Most of the Iraqi provinces are witnessing Sadri protests that are organized by the bloc’s followers against the nominee of al-Ittar who was presented to form the cabinet.

The association condemns the closure of the channel being a dire constitutional violation that breaches the rights freedom of expression and media in the country.

The association calls all protestors to refrain from attacking any media outlet and engaging them in any confrontation erupting between political foes

The association demands that the government and all security formations, to provide the media channels with required protection and to prevent protestors from reaching them to avoid closures and the like.

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