KRG Security Attacks Unarmed Journalists


The Authorities in Kurdistan region continue chasing and suppressing on the background of the voices that were raised by civil actors to organize protests over several parts of the region. The forces have arrested the journalist Ayoub Warti, KNN correspondent, hours earlier in Erbil.

A colleague working for the channel told the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that the security force that has arrested their colleague from his house in Erbil, took him to an unknown destination and remained in their custody till reporting time.

It is to be mentioned that Warti’s arrest is the second of its kind, where the first incident took place previously as he was detained in Erbil Police Station on the background of exposing critical corruption files to the public. He was then released on bail.

Kurdistan region has witnessed during the past three days a wide detentions drive led by the security forces against journalists in an unprecedented and precarious measure.

The association demands the related sides in Kuristanto declare the whereabouts of the missing journalist and to immediately release him along with all the journalists who are detained in KRG prisons. We demand that all actions adopted by the Region’s Security forces being terrifying, chasing, or other offences against the press family should be stopped at once. It is expected that all laws are respected and that the constitutional stipulations that secured the freedom of expression of all media work be abided with. The association holds the Federal Government in Iraq and its president responsible for the deteriorated media situation in the country especially the late ranking of the country in the freedom of press list especially that the regional suppressing government is supported by the federal government.

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