AlNajaf Fire Denied Coverage by Armed Elements


Forces affiliated to Saraya Alsalam  in Najaf prevented a number of media channels from covering a fire that erupted in one of its residencies. The forces detained the cameraman of al-Taghyir channel for documenting the incident on Monday morning.

Mohammed Razzaq, correspondent of al-Taghyir channel told the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that militants prevented him along with cadres of Iraqia, One News,  Dijla, Fallouja, Zagros, Iraqi News Agency, and Reuters from covering the incident that resulted in Human casualties. Adding that those elements detained cameraman Mustafa Walaa inside their residence and they held his camera where all recorded material was erased before returning it upon his release.

The correspondent said that all cadres cleared the site upon the arrest of the cameraman without carrying out their duty.

The Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns this illegal action and considers it a flagrant violation of the freedom of press in the country.

The association holds the Prime Minister responsible for the fragile law enforcement where media cadres are left to the whims of militants.

The association demands all security forces in Najaf to provide the full protection for media workers  to end detaining journalists on duty, and calls all to abide to the stipulations of the Iraqi law and constitution that secure the freedom of press.

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