Hewar al-Mada banned from entering IZ


Baghdad International Zone Security Forces banned the staff of (Hewar al-Mada) that is broadcasted through al-Mada Satellite Channel, from entering al-Qadisiya residential complex, in order to interview some officials. Mazin Al-Zaidi, Program Presenter, said that the interview was based upon earlier agreement and coordination between the staff and the official which was scheduled to take place inside his home in the Green Zone. Al-Zaidi added that they were surprised by not being allowed to pass, and when a call was in place with the official, it became evident that the top security official was the one responsible for the ban. The security insisted upon their attitude with no clarification being made in spite of the staff’s patience and resilience; Adding that some officials are displeased with the act of not permitting media into the protected area to release statements made by the officials who reside there. At the time when Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns such irresponsible actions adopted by the security forces and that clearly violate the stipulations of Iraqi law and constitution that ensure the freedom of media and expression inside Iraq. The association describes the incident as part of the mouth muzzling policy which is a dangerous sign if left without interference by the legislative and executive authorities in the country. Respect should be shown towards all media personnel especially that they have been checked several times before reaching the residential complex.

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