HoR security forces attack journalists

A number of parliament security members attack journalists and confiscate their mobile devices. The incident that took place in front of the HoR building was to be covered by the press; a demonstration of the parliament’s members of staff. An insider from the parliament said that a number of security members have attacked the journalists and abused them with inappropriate words, taking away their mobile phones after filming a part of the demonstration outside the building as they demanded their salaries after a two month cut. The journalists who have been attacked are Wisam Almulla from Alghad Press , Ali Naji from Sumeria News, and Ahmad Labeid correspondent for Alsharqiya channel. The phones were returned later, after demanding to meet Parliament spokesman in person to make him acquainted with the bad treatment the press receives repeatedly by the security personnel who undermine the efforts exerted to transfer precise information. Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns these irresponsible actions exercised against the media during crises and considers it a form of information blockade and certainly is a grave violation of freedom of expression stipulated in the Iraqi constitution. The Association demands serious investigation in the incident to hold those involved accountable and demands that security personnel be directed to respect all kinds of media and understand their duty obligations.

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