IZ security Attacks (Huna Baghdad)

Security forces affiliated to brigade 56 have attacked the members of Huna Baghdad Satellite channel during covering the incident of the demonstrators flooding the parliament building in the Green Zone. The cadre lost their equipment during the attack.

Anass Yousif, correspondent for Huna Baghdad, clarified that as the team was preparing for the coverage, near the entrance of Almuallaq Bridge, a flush of random fire was launched from inside the green zone and forces directed weapons to their heads. Equipment including the camera and SNG were destroyed. The situation would have been worse if it weren’t for the coinciding passing of an MP who facilitated our release.

At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns the brigade’s attack against the media team, it holds PM Hayder Alibadi the responsibility of holding the offenders responsible especially that a lawsuit was filed against the IZ security for ongoing misconduct and aggressions against media personnel.

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