Chief of KRG salafies threats Khundan correspondent

Kill threat was directed against Firhank Freidun, correspondent for online Khundan news site by close followers of KRG salafies leader, after publishing an interview with the ex husband of the chief’s new wife. The threat came as a response to a week full of defame on Kurdish social media. An audio piece by Dr. Abdullatif Alsalafi, was published; exposing the scandal of a relation between the latter and a married young woman, before a short time of her divorce and marriage of the leader.

Journalist Firhank Freidun told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that he had received a couple of threat calls by his followers threatening to kill him unless he repeats the interview and ask him the questions they had prepared for him. Then he received a number of threat messages to urge him to oblige.

Firhank Freidun said no lawsuit has been filed till now, against those who have been described as closest to the leader.

It is to be mentioned that Dr. Abdullatif Alsalafi is the leader of salafies in KRG, professor of Islamic Sciences in Suleimania and owns a satellite channel named (Alnaseeha); the report revealed that the relation started when the women headed to the scholar seeking some advice related to her marriage problems. A relation developed between both sides and a scandal sweeping social media resulted in their marriage shortly.

At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association strongly condemns the threats directed against journalist Firhank Freidun, it stresses upon the grave violation to all constitutional stipulations it also holds KRG fully responsible for the safety of the press family especially that many violations were held lately to block media for political reasons. the Association is aware that the circumstances of media exercise are not better in any other region in the country due to lack of accountability. Indications show that authorities in the region are closer to keep media under control and depress all kinds of informative and expressive action to keep public unaware of their surroundings.

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