Media staff attacked by personal security


A number of media personnel were subjected to violent confrontation during the opening of the Turkish hospital in Babil.

The attack was carried on by the personal guards of Minister of Health Adeela Humoud and according to Sajjad Alkhafaji, Samaraa channel correspondent in Babil, that at the beginning no microphones nor transmitting devices were allowed on the podium lest they were explosives or may impose any risk against the VIPs lives. In addition that Samrraa channel among many others, were held outside the inauguration ceremony that they were invited to by the media department of the ministry in the province for more than one hour.

The prohibition that affected the duty of media personnel negatively, developed into a harsh toned argument, then hands were aiding the aggressive attitude of the security guards and one of the correspondents was beaten ( he preferred to remain anonymous for future legal action). Samraa correspondent said these actions were exercised on daily basis in Babil.

At the time that the Press Freedom Advocacy Association condemns this barbaric action that was adopted by the personal guards of the Minister of Health in order to prevent them from fulfilling their duties, is considered a dire violence of constitution and all legislations that secured freedom of expression, especially that the incident was witnessed by the Minister herself.

The association pleas PM and the local government in Babil to hold an inquiry about the incident and hold all those involved responsible for this constitutional violation of press freedom in the country.

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