Journalists banned from Coverage in Karbalaa

Karbalaa Provincial Council prevented media workers from covering its session today; a session that is dedicated to interrogate the Head of the Intelligence Apparatus in the province on the background of the explosion of Ein Tamur, being the fifth of a series of similar bans.
Haidar Kqarrar, NRT correspondent  in Karbala told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that he, along with a number of colleagues were prevented from covering today in spite of the fact that all sessions should be broadcasted.
at the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns press prevention from exercising their duties it considers these actions as a dire violation of the Iraqi constitution that has secured Freedom of Expression. it demands that Karbalaa Provincial Council to open its doors for the press to cover its sessions. it also demands that the Federal Government investigates the incident of the Mayor’s repeated aggression against media personnel. it demands that he be held responsible in front of the president in accordance with Iraqi constitution.

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