Journalists injured by SWAT iron balls in Babylon


A correspondent and cameraman for I News Agency were slightly injured while covering the protests in Babylon

Osama al-Abedi, the correspondent told the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq thathe was hit in the back area by iron balls, while his cameraman, Mithal al-Dulaimi, was hit in the back and leg when they were near the revolution area, on Friday evening, to convey demonstrations demanding the removal of the governor of Babylon, where they were targeted with iron balls by SWAT forces

After being hit, he was severely beaten by members of the force, which forced him and the cameraman to leave the scene immediately, he said

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraqexpresses its concern that security forces continue to use ferocity against journalists, saying this is a clear violation of the principles of freedom of journalistic and media work

The association calls on all Ministry of Interiorsecurity agencies to abide by the constitution, protect journalists instead of using force, and stop attacking them at once

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