Journalist Sayyab Aluqabi killed after one day of abduction

The body of the journalist Sayyab Aluqabi was found in Yasin Khreibut area in Basrah, after one day of abduction.
Representative for Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Basrah, said that witnesses confirmed that the victim has endured severe torture and a single shot in the head.
A military four –wheel drive vehicle carrying an anonymous gang with no plates, abducted the victim from a place near Aljbeila checkpoint in the middle of Basrah on Wednesday.
Aluqabi was a correspondent for Al-Iraq Times in Basrah, an active element in Basrah’s protests, and had no problems or conflicts on personal or tribal level.
At the time when Press Freedom Advocacy Association expresses its deep grief for this loss, it also highlights the disappointment that had spread among press personnel for receiving no response at all from either governments; local and Federal, nor the security forces or any related side since the instance of abduction for any appeal.
Press Freedom Advocacy Association demands that security forces and Local Government disclose these sides that are connected to abductions, killings and threatening, since their silence could only be considered as a support for escaping punishment especially that all press crimes remain unattended and aggressors remain free.

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