Basrah Security attacks a number of journalists

Basrah Governor Security attacked a number of journalists who were covering an event attended by the Governor at the State Company for Land Transportation.
Press Freedom Advocacy Association’s representative in Basrah said that a number of journalists were beaten and insulted by the Governor’s security; the press was prohibited from covering the event or shooting any spot of the company till the Governor leaves the location.
The representative added that the journalists tried to convince the security to allow them to fulfil their duty but the conversation resulted in aggression and insulting media personnel; Al-amel Radio correspondent, Muntadhar Al-Karkushi, Huna Baghdad Cameraman, Azhar Al-Idany , Al-naiim Channel correspondent, Fuad Alhilfy and its cameraman Haidar Al-rubaii.
Representative for Press Freedom Advocacy Association said that the violations were under the eyes of Basrah Governor Majid Al-Nasrawy, only 10 meters away but he didn’t take any reaction nor direct any order for the favor of the media men.
At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association expresses its deep concern about the incident it stresses on the unaccepted attitude of the Governor who, through his silence, showed no realization of Iraqi constitution that recognizes press and media freedoms.
Press Freedom Advocacy Association demands investigation in this incident and that the Governor to be held responsible for this violation. Leaving such incidents unaddressed and investigated would result in further aggression and violations against press.
Press Freedom Advocacy Association calls the Federal Government to apply its power and hold the Governor accountable for being indirectly involved in the incident; being an eye-witness and not taking any measure. Especially that the violations were committed by his personal security staff.

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