DiwaniyaSecurity forces denyOB vehicles entrance

Security authorities in Al-Diwaniyaprevented Al-Baghdadia live channelcrew from entering  their Outside Broadcasting vehicles (OB) into the province on Friday, during its attemptto cover the three-month demonstrations on ground.

Reporter of Al-Baghdadia, Emad al-khuzaequoted the chief of provincial police to the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq, that he received an official letter from the head of the Security Supreme Committee in Al-Diwaniyagovernor,Sami Al-Hasnawy that prohibits all media and especially the crew of Al-Baghdadia channel, from entering the province to hold a live coverage for the demonstrations unless prior permits are issued.

Al-Khuzae added that the security forces detained them for several hours in(Diraa Al-Janoub) checkpoint,65KM to the north of Al-Diwanya center.He added that orders were issued after one week of heavy demonstrations that swept Al-Diwanya and witnessed a number of assaultsagainst the demonstrators.Thirteen were injured and a number of activists threatened by stamping their doors and vehicleswith (wanted).

At the time when Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq expresses its disappointment and discontent concerning the irresponsible attitude of the security forces towards the press,it demands the local government in Al-Diwaniya province,its security and other governmental institutions to respect the freedom of opinion and the freedom of press, allowing any media establishment toexecute its duty and reveal facts. The association considered this blockage by security forces an overt violation of the constitution, and international accords that Iraq abides to, concerning freedom of expression; thus holding local officials accountable for this incident.

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