Dijla staff caught in the middle of VIPs shooting

Our colleagues in Dijla Satellite channel where subjected to the risk of losing their lives when an MP attempted to shoot his rival near the news studio.
Workers told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that they were occupied in setting the news cast and organizing the guests’ material when Kadhum Alsayadi, MP from state of law, targeted the correspondent for Almuwaten (the Citizen) block, Baligh Abugulel. The staff described the incident and said that the bullet missed the man and was embedded in the studio’s wall after penetrating the door.
The staff added that the shooting was at head level and we thank god that no one accidently disturbed the bullet’s flyby at that moment.
At the time when Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq strongly condemns the attitude of MP Alsayadi, it considers the action as irresponsible, despising, and a clear violation to all Media institutions in Iraq.
The Association calls Speaker of Parliament, Salim Aljubouri to hold his responsibility and take action against the aforementioned MP who risked the lives of the entire staff on site. Especially that it is an unprecedented incident that calls for immediate response.
The association declares its continuous support to Dijla Channel and other Media bodies to eliminate such actions in the future.

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