Samaraa coverage blocked by citizens

A number of citizens prohibited Samaraa Correspondent in Karbalaa, Mutaz Alaboudi, from covering the events of Alarbaiin million march and tried to attack him but the security of the Hussaini Administration prevented them from doing so. Alaboudi told Press Freedom Advocacy Association that during his coverage and exactly when he started interviewing the marchers, an old man approached him and asked about the media side he represents, once the man answered that he represented Samaraa channel, the old man screamed and gathered people saying that this side is against the popular mobilization; thus preventing the cadre from continuing their coverage. Alaboudi added that the security defended their stance and led them safely out of the Hussaini court where they were exposed to aggression that would have led to a serious attack. Alaboudi, representative of the Assiciation in Karbalaa, pointed out that this is not the only incident, similar ones took place in Muharram, last month, when Alsharqiya and Albaghdadia were also attacked. At the time that the Association condemns these kind of attacks it calls on both central and federal governments to provide security or any other protection to ensure the safety of the media covering such mass events.

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