Collective migration of press community in Diyala


On the background of the killings of media men Saif Talal and Hasan AlAnbaki, Diyala is witnessing an unprecedented wave of migration of journalists. Many leaves were submitted to the media bodies in the province.
Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq learnt that our coworkers Ali al-Rubaii , correspondent of Dijla Satellite Channel, and Mustafa al-Zuhairi, correspondent for Ninevah al-Ghad, have resigned from their work because of the critical situation on ground.
On Dec. 11th, 2015, al-Rubaii was subjected to an investigation by Diyala Operations Command, on the background of the report that he was working on about new security planning in the province in order to minimize security violations and control the plots that are being secretly arranged between unidentified security sides and abduction gangs.
Most journalists left the province to KRG, after receiving a number of anonymous threats.
At the time that the Association expresses its dire concern due to the rising threatening environment that encircles press and its personnel in the province, it demands that PM Hayder Al-Ibadi directs security forces of the province to secure the lives of the journalists in Diyala. The Association stresses on the fact that the recent situation is ideal for continuous uncontrolled military actions and violations.

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