Fallujah Cameraman Detained in Basra


The security forces in Basra arrested Ali Ahmad, cameraman of “Fallujah” channel while covering the return of visitors from the visit of Arbaiin, to the province.

The Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq was informed by a phone call of its coordinator that the security detained the colleague for more than half an hour, to prevent him from covering visitors returning from the city of Karbala to Basra, after the Arbaiin pilgrimage.

The coordinator explained that the security arrested the reporter, on the grounds that he did not issue a permit to film in public places in Basra, indicating that the security forces released him after further interventions were exerted.

The Association condemns the detention of the reporter, while performing his duties, and considers it a violation of Article 38 of the Constitution, which stipulates that freedom of journalistic and media work is performed without conditions or restrictions.

The association calls on the security services in Basra to stop harassing media workers, and using various means of violence, such as detaining or arresting them, and demands facilitating their tasks, and respecting the constitution that guarantees freedom of journalistic work, in all its forms.

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