Dijla attacked by Golden group force in Karrada

Correspondent for Dijla Satellite Channel was exposed to an attack by individuals in golden group attire. An officer and a soldier beat the correspondent and confiscated his equipment during his covering a demonstration in Karrada on the background of the deadly fire that took place several days before.
Press Freedom Advocacy Association was informed by Dijla channel that both individuals covered their faces and took away the camera and other equipment.
At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns this organized mouth muzzle policy that is imposed by higher sides, it considers this policy as a grave violation against freedom of expression that has been secured by constitution.
It also demands that both the officer and soldier be interrogated and that any media person exposed to any kind of attack reports the aggression immediately to put an end to these continuous assaults. The Association considers these cases, once left not dealt with, a true collapse for any democratic foundations and opinion expression.

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