Basrah Police ban press


Ali Adnan, Rashid channel correspondent was prohibited from entering the press conference that was held by the police command in Basrah, concerning the security situation in Basra. The reason for this attitude remained unexplained.

Adnan told Press Freedom Advocacy Association that he was invited to the conference via phone from the police command then he received another call that informed him that the conference was delayed but after further interrogation he found out that the conference was as scheduled and no delay was in place. He was then blocked from entering the building after being denied by the reception clerk. Accordingly an apology was received by phone from Media Manager of the police command Muhannad Almaala, who considered it an individual and irresponsible attitude.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq expresses its disapproval towards the selective attitude that was adopted during the process of media coverage for a certain event. It considers tis selective approach a dire violation to the constitution and agreements that were signed with international sides that support freedom of expression in Iraq.


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