A Journalist shot in Baghdadi Area

Dhiyaa Hassan Al-sharifi, a colleague journalist, and the (Extra News) correspondent was shot by anonymous attackers during his station’s coverage of events in Baghdadi District. Al-Sharifi told Press Freedom Advocacy Association that anonymous people attacked a convoy of journalists and their equipment, from Alalam and Extra News agencies. He added that he was shot with three bullets in his upper leg and was instantly transferred to a field hospital. Now he is preparing to undertake urgent surgery in Turkey. Al-sharifi clarified that Al-alam camera man (Iranian) also endured deep injuries where he was transferred to his country for medical attendance. Another driver was injured likewise. At the time when Press Freedom Advocacy Association expresses its deep concern and heartfelt condolences with the victims, it calls on all journalists to be alert and not to engage in any actions that might risk their safety. Press Freedom Advocacy Association calls security forces to take appropriate measures to ensure press convoys safety especially on battle grounds and hot spots; whereas all Agencies should abide not to send their staff in high risk areas without receiving appropriate training.

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