Through Discussion; Related sides Demand The Activation of The Publishing Court in All Parts of Iraq


The Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq, in collaboration with the Center for the Future of Iraq and the Baghdad Foundation for the Defense of Victims of Opinion, held a dialogue session to discuss the possibility of restoring the Publishing Court under the mottoThe Publishing Court is aprofessional Demand,” on Wednesday, May 19, 2022. The session was attended by representatives of the Iraqi Parliament, the Media and Communications Authority and the Supreme Judicial Council, as well as the Bar Association and a group of journalists, civil society organizations and international actors.

The session, which was moderated by the Executive Director of the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq, Ms. Raya Faiq, briefed the attendees about the campaign (Return the Publishing Court) that waslaunched by the Association a month ago. ,

. The session also included a working paper presented by the Supreme Judicial Council; Judge Iyad Mohsen Damad explained the reasons why the Supreme Judicial Council returned the Publishing Court and the decision-making process related to media and publishing cases after the dissolution of the court.

the legal expert Safaa al-Lami, highlighted the importance of the court’s return and that there should be a publishing court in each province and not one court in the court of appeal of Al-Rusafa. .

For her part, was interspersed with extensive discussions and came up with a number of recommendations, the most important of which is to work on the enactment of a law for the Publishing Court, as well as providing the needed protection for journalists and media workers, especially that the southern parts are devoid of concrete journalism .

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