Security Approval Imposed for any Press Action in Khanaqin


The Khanaqin Head of District (Qaim maqam) issued a circular to the district Police, to prevent all media channels from covering any event without obtaining their approval.

The Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq was provided with a copy of the book issued by the Qaim maqam, and signed by the mayor “Delier Hassan Sayeh” in which he instructed the security forces working in the district not to allow any reporter or media team to work within the borders of Khanaqin without obtaining official approvals, and presenting a concrete justification.

The association rejects the prejudiced measures of the Khanaqin Qaim maqam, considering it a flagrant constitutional violation namely Article 38 which guarantees the freedom of journalistic work in all its forms unconditionally.

The Association calls on Diyala Governorate to hold the respected Khanaqin Qaim maqam accountable for his constitutional and administrative violations. It also calls on all officials in the district to review the Constitution, not to take decisions contrary to what it stipulates, and to respect the principles of the law guaranteeing the freedom of journalistic and media work in all its forms.


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