Confinement of NRT cadres in Erbil

Kurdish Asayesh (security forces) confined, today, Wednesday, two journalists working in Nalia station or NRT located near KRG parliament Union during their meeting that was covered by the aforementioned station. The meeting was held to discuss the recent events that have erupted in KRG. Representative …

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A Journalist shot in Baghdadi Area

Dhiyaa Hassan Al-sharifi, a colleague journalist, and the (Extra News) correspondent was shot by anonymous attackers during his station’s coverage of events in Baghdadi District. Al-Sharifi told Press Freedom Advocacy Association that anonymous people attacked a convoy of journalists and their equipment, from Alalam and …

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ابرز الانتهاكات الدستورية لعملية ترحيل الصحفيين من اربيل

مروة عبد الرضا الحقوق والحريات في العراق وردت في الباب الثاني بفصليه الاول للحقوق والثاني للحريات من الدستور العراقي لعام 2005, واكد الدستور في موردين منه على عدم جواز النص باي قانون يتعارض مع تلك الحقوق والحريات: المورد الاول: المادة (2) فقرة ج ـ “لا …

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